History and Objectives

Welcome to theĀ Mustang Club of San Diego. This club is a non-profit club that was formed due to the love of Mustang cars. The pony cars were called to have its own fan base that knows many things about the car and they value them. For all the owners of any Mustang generation, the club was made then. From the first generation of MustangsĀ until to the present time where many now appear, the Mustang cars stood high in the heart of its lovers. You will know that mustang cars have also its own variations.

Mustangs have been restored, customized (in an outrageous way or average one), and ready for the racing event cars. There are many things that it affects and carries truly its status in the industry.

The club organizes many events and there are the annual events and one is on the other page being featured that is done annually. They also participate in events like the charities in the community and also activities related to it. The club has the objective of preserving, recognition and restoration of the famous automobile of ford mustang.

They also want members to have the fellowship as owners of mustang by sponsoring different helpful and meaningful activities. They could be of social purpose and especially one that would help the community. Another goal is to help members know what to do to take care of their Mustang cars and to do the proper maintenance. There are specialized tips that cars have in common and it is best to be shared with others.