Ford Mustang

This line of cars is one that has been proud of many people who owns them. There is the interest in cars that one person can have just as one likes to buy articles of clothing. The Mustang cars are also one that has an influence on the car industry as it has triggered competition to build a car just like them with variations. The ford mustang is owned by an American company named Ford. It is one of the cars that has been found to be loved by many even though many cars have been produced.

The ford mustang was based on the platform of the ford falcon in its second generation as a compact car. The Mustang has many variations and it is divided into six generations. You can see how it has made its stand as a product and then to grow and developed to accommodate changes and improvement for its better or another feature to carry. The Mustang also serves as an inspiration for other car brands to produce affordable cars with the sporty coupes types.

The first generation of the mustang are the ones that were produced in the year between 1965 until 1973. The second generation were the ones that are produced from 1974 to 1978. The third generation of Mustangs are the ones produced beginning 1979 until 1993. The fourth generation follows in the year 1994 until 2004. Then the fifth generation started in the year 2005 until 2014 and there is the sixth generation of 2015 until the present time. (This was updated based on what appeared to the internet.)