Mustangs By the Bay

One of the activity by the club is the annual Mustang By The Bay. This is the time for all Mustang owners to be able to have fun together. There are awards that are given to the Mustang cars and one could bring as many as he had of the Mustang cars. There are certain regulations that are implemented to let the annual event go through smoothly and also orderly. Let us know some of the most common concern of Mustang owners who like to join the event.

The event is hosted in the Marina Park and many people with their own cars show up to this event. Every year there is a guidance on the event that would happen and one of the general rules is that when the show will start, no one should fire up their engine. So if you are already parked, please wait for the show to be over and after the show, there are 45 minutes for you to vacate the area. Make sure also to not destroy the grass so be careful with them.

If you happen to travel just for the event, the club does not make a reservation for you but you can search online the suitable one for you and book. Also, make sure to buy your ticket before the appointed day as they will not give on that day. When it comes to the food, there is the breakfast and lunch that is provided. It is also forbidden to erect tents or have sale signs or even drones to fly and catch images or record videos. Do not forget to have fun.