Top Cities of Worst Traffic Problems

One of the major city problems growing is the traffic jam. When it comes to excessive traffic, Los Angeles comes to mind. When it comes to the traffic problem, LA is the worst in North America. However, let us go to other cities worse than LA. The video below will inform us about which cities in the world are prone to traffic. Well, there are more populated cities in the world than that could experience excessive traffics but for some good reasons, they are not.

Mexico City is severe in Southern America. It is densely populated with millions of people using private cars daily. It is one of the richest city in South America but they could not avoid traffic. Istanbul too is recorded in history. It is because there is not much public transport that people can use. In addition to that, Istanbul is a wealthy city accommodating millions of car owners. Obviously, populated cities that do not experience heavy traffic jam are cities that have more public transport than private cars. This is a good eye clinic. Check my company for you to see their services. This is one of the great eye clinic in providing laser surgery.

This is better by far. Due to traffic, some people complain saying that they did not buy their car to waste time on the road. Well, this is absolutely true. The fact that we buy a car for our convenience in time, this could not be possibly achieved. The more people buy a car, the more time wasted. See the traffic jam in Beijing sometimes. However from this place, good eye clinic here will help you be treated visit this website It would be better to walk by far than being stuck in your own car.

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